We live in one of the world's wealthiest nations, yet we rank dead last in environmental behavior, and have the highest rates of cancer, heart disease, obesity as well as alcohol and drug use. We are addicted to more prescription drugs than any other country. Nearly 49 million Americans live in poverty and struggle to put food on the table, but yet we throw away 165 billion dollars’ worth of food every year!

Providing solutions and showing common sense choices is what Alternatives Magazine is all about. We research and feature articles -- and highlight businesses that actively promote a green, sustainable environment and healthy lifestyle choices. AND then we take that message to the street -- literally.


The bicycle is the universal symbol for health, fitness, and non-polluting alternative transportation. We promote (and sponsor) cycling events as a platform to help bring awareness to the importance of clean water, clean energy, real food and natural healthy lifestyle.


BIKE SATURDAYS is our signature event. It’s not a race or other form of competition. It’s promoted to encourage people of all ages and abilities to take responsibility for their own health and provide information about the need to develop serious and safe biking infrastructure. There are estimated 14M families and individuals who own bikes, but rarely ride them because they are part of the majority who feel it’s unsafe to ride city streets. 

Studies in the Great Lakes region proved if people would complete half of the commutes of five miles or less by bicycle instead of automobiles, the region could save $7.3 billion in health care costs and 1,100 lives would be saved annually, even if average cycling days totaled 124 days a year when considering the region’s winter climate.

So biking is a big part of our content and promotions. It’s how we bring our message “to the streets,” and we invite you to join us. We also sponsor directly or co-sponsor other events throughout the course of a year. Here’s a partial list. 

Bike and Paddle Environment Club. Biking and Paddle sports are America's most popular and environmentally responsible recreational sports. More than 140 million people make them part of their daily lives, adding $170 billion annually to the economy. 

Bike for your Life is a holistic approach to encourage and educate people about taking responsibility for their own physical AND mental health . . . naturally, through biking. We organize tours, seminars and special activities for corporate groups and other organizations looking to connect with the outdoors as a form of healing process. 

Free Thinkers, is a weekly, non-political face-to-face discussion program with chapters forming in Park city, UT, Sedona, AZ, Lake Havasu, AZ and Whitefish, MT. 

These events, and others, keep us involved with communities, and the industry, providing additional benefits and exposure for advertisers and sponsors.


Advertising and marketing has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Digital publishing and social media has provided so many choices it’s hard to keep up and determine what’s best for individual business needs. 

So we use them all. Websites, digital publishing, blogsites, weekly email marketing, face-to-face networking, special events and of course, social media. 

But We Don’t Do PAPER. We do our part to help promote a “zero-waste” environment by publishing the magazine digitally. We don’t contribute to landfills, or use un-sustainable resources. 
  • No delivery expense (oil, gas, pollution) 
  • No paper (no trees) 
  • No ink (no oil) 
  • No postage 
  • No landfill
  • No need for recycling 
  • No unsightly news racks 
  • In short, no wasted resources 
  • Instantaneous distribution 24/7 worldwide 
  • Your ad linked to your website 
  • Readers can save and bring up past issues with a click 
  • Print out ads, or coupons with a click 
  • Digital publishing is 55-75% cheaper than print because of no wasted resources. That savings is passed onto you. 
  • Digitally produced 
  • Published bi-Monthly, 6 times a year. 
  • Standard 8.5" x 11" magazine format 
  • All ads linked back to advertisers website 
  • Advertisers can make changes to ads instantly online 
  • Zero-Waste 
  • Emailed directly to 7600 subscribers and other readership 
  • Instant and continual distribution via email anywhere in the world. 
  • Forwarding estimated at 26% (google analytics), 86% higher than print. 
  • Mobile app (under construction) estimated 97% open rate. 
  • Distribution through digital production services including: Issu,Yudo and Blurb 
  • Facebook, twitter link postings 
  • Full Page $495 7 ½” x 10”
  • Half Page $295 7 ½” x 4 ⅞” H, or 3 ⅝” x 10” V
  • Quarter Page $195 3 ⅝” x 4 ⅞”

  • $75 three months 
  • $140 six months
  • $290 twelve months

  • $135 three months
  • $260 six months
  • $530 twelve months

  • $195 three months
  • $380 six months
  • $750 twelve months

  • $225 three months
  • $440 six months
  • $860 12 months

For further details, additional production requirements and 
custom marketing plans contact Dennis Ketterman 


Click on the PDF logo below to access current media kit. For questions or further information please call. 406-871-6282

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